assembling piv


just started 026


these are the new parts till 023 this morning


i shape the part till it runs smooth


front and back plate mounted on the stand



and view from the back


side view







i had to drill a hole, so the screw head can move smooth. i took the potimeter out of the servo as described here : but i did no soldering yet. I plan to cut the cable and insert a cable between the cables and not solder on the print. Its seems safer to me as i am not so experienced with soldering and i only have a heavy duty solder iron.



this is how i cut my screws


i adjusted the gear to make it run smooth


mounted gear  with open case

i add a lot of grease before i close it


connecting the servo to arduino

test script for servos (upload to arduino):

// Based on File > Examples > Servo > Knob
// Controlling a servo position using a potentiometer (variable resistor)
// by Michal Rinott <>

// modified by

#include <Servo.h>

Servo myservo; // create servo object to control a servo

int val; // variable to set value

myservo.attach(9); // attaches the servo on pin 9 to the servo object

void loop()


val = 20; //  value between 0 and 180
myservo.write(val); // sets the servo position according to the scaled value
delay(3000); // waits for the servo to get there
val = 180; // value between 0 and 180
myservo.write(val); // sets the servo position according to the scaled value
delay(3000); // 3 seconds



videos of servo in action:

20130311_110409 20130311_110437 20130311_110510 20130311_110536


other side of closed  part


finally i run a test for 6 hours –  all works smooth and fine 🙂


part 009 to 016 / power supply




All parts from now on were printed with the same settings as 008

this is all the parts including 016 of the blender file.

i made some minor adjustments like leveling them flat on platform for the 0.15 layer height



i had some troubles with removing the raft from the hand so it might be a better idea to print it without raft but i finally made it with these tools:




PistonClaviV2 broke in my hand when i tried to do a stress test so i printed 3 new ones


Majeure3 and Index3 also broke under my shoes 🙂 i might do new finger nails. and i removed the inmoov logo from the hand.

and i lost some of the cable holders i guess they ended up in the vacuum cleaner.


this is how PistonClaviV2 looks like with a brass cylinder inside 4mm.

i sanded down the piston with my mini drill and made the moving smooth with a 3.2 drill .



Then i made tests with glue.

the fingers are glued with patex pastix 2. the under arm with araldit crystal but i plan to replace that one with noname colle bicomposant à prise rapide (Zweikomponenten Schnellkleber). its cheaper .

it all look pretty stable so far.

i got M5x10 bolts

and M3x10 for attaching the servos

then i got cables



and a volt meter (yes i dont have this i am a NOOB :P)

but i do have a soldering iron 🙂

so i made cables for the batteries one for the arduino

the other for charging the Pb batteries

the charger is a Pb charger Type FW7118M/06 (never used it so far as all my battereys are still full)


then i decided to start from the chest part as my space here in limited.

so i made my own stand link




today i relised i forgot the biceps.

so i added it to my blender file.



the stand is ready and waiting to be equipped 🙂

printing 006 / start of assembling

today i got

1 tube 2mm and .3 thick made of brass

and a tube aluminium 8mm for assembling

i have to find a good glue to morrow

making the servo move 005 trash

and i made my first servo work 🙂

001 must be printed without raft it took me 2h to clean it inside

and i connected the arduino to the battery it works fine. i made a cable for it.

2 fingers are wrong mounted ringfinger and index botton 2 parts are wrong i hope it works. i dont want to disassemble now.

Printing 002


45% fill; estimated time 3:03


i decided to fill a bit more to have more stable bolts the other parts wont be much affected by this setting. I wonder if 3 shells is good choice. 2 could be better for the bolts. I will see if they break apart later  if not it was good d-^^-b

i changed the fill to 45% the filling did not look good in preview

Settings / Printing 001

i decided to print all parts in white ABS and color them later if needed with air brush

the whole robot will take so much  time to print so i try to speed it up a bit

stable settings

infill 15%

full support

speed 80 80

temp 230

layer high 0.1

filmanent 1.75


As first step i print 001

i found out that the whole 001 as i planned it takes 15h to print thats to much so i decided to split it in 2 jobs


settings for 001

i will try for a start these settings  to make it faster printing

infill 15%

full support (edit 03/05/13: 001 must be printed without raft it took me 2h to clean it inside)

speed 120 120

temp 240

layer high 0.15

filmanent 1.75

estimated time 4:47


I use a bendable knitting needle to remove the raft inside the part.

basically a stable wire coated with plastic.



i mounted a cam to debug print errors.