More photos

Today was good weather to make more pictures of the pimperpuppets and i was equipped with light ­čÖé



S1600033 Lucia

S1600032 Samantha

S1600028 Helen

S1600030 Susann

S1600021 Samantha

S1600019 Curt

S1600016 Curt

S1600015 Helen

S1600006 Curt Helen

S1600027 Helen

S1600026 Lucia

S1600022 Samantha

S1600036 Bridgit

S1600034 Sullivan

S1600020 Bridgit

S1600017 Sullivan

S1600014 Samantha

S1600012 Helen

S1600011 Lucia

S1600010 Samantha

S1600009 Bridgit

S1600008 Sullivan

S1600007 Curt

S1600001 Samantha

S1600002 Lucia

S1600013 Susann


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