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times in pdt and (CET) (days and date refer to pdt, pdt is secondlife time)


Thursday April 16

Noon (21:00) Mallroy Cerise Experimental Indy (2h)

7pm (04:00) Healer Ladybird Techno (2h)


Friday April 17

11am (20:00) Lemonodo Oh Ambient style electronica (1h)

noon (21:00) fynjiars electronic, trip hop, electro swing (2h)

2pm (23:00) Kookie Hax eclectic (2h)

9pm (06:00) Jessi Eclectic (2h)


Saturday April 18


noon (20:00) screaming88 rough indy (2h)

4pm (01:00) Emileigh Starbrook psychedelic techno (2h)

6pm (03:00) Janus Planer eclectic  The WILD Card (2h)


Sunday April 19

8am (17:00) Maul Lorefield Industrial (2h)


noon (21:00) NeoConcept  rock, rockabilly, blues and swing.  (2h)

6pm (03:00) Trow Live Saxophon Jazz (1h)



Monday April 20

3pm (0:00) Janus Planer eclectic  The WILD Card (2h)


Tuesday April 21

12:30pm (21:30) ⒷⒷ (biebi.beebe) Reggae (2h)

7pm (04:00) Allison Widdershins funk, world, soul (2h)


Wednesday April 22

no shows


Thursday April 23

1pm (22:00) Le Pow just crazy good indy stuff and more (4h)


Friday April 24

noon (21:00) rasti reggea (2h)


Saturday April 25

no show


Sunday April 26

6pm (15:00) Radi Roffo Electronic (2h)




Being beautiful in the art scene
A BubbleTheatre® Play by © d-oo-b © <— Trailer

World Premiere:

April 16th 2015 noon pdt/slt
The shows run 24/7 every 5 minutes until May 30th
Don’t miss it! I am sure you will enjoy the world’s first 20 minute speech bubble theatre play, on demand.

Serge has been chosen to feature his art in the Grand Hall. He is determined to impress everyone. But Lucia steps out of his shadow.

If you would like to contribute a performance at a specific time (art, music or anything i can’t think of) during the show april 16th until May 30th contact eifachfilm vacirca in world.
Pimperpuppets was created in Blender Gimp and Secondlife. Read the blog for further details of the behind the scene work is a one man show experiment and I enjoyed a lot the peaceful time I had creating it. During the show april 16th 2015 until May 30th 2015 best DJs and live musicians will perform at pimperpuppets. I thank all of you for being so supportive and encouraging over all these years I spent in secondlife.

The show can also be visited by using the teleporters. Using the teleporters enables you to be part of the show yourself. Don’t hesitate to join the picture others are looking at. You might even comment on the actors statements and be part of the show.

Be welcome to enjoy the worlds first theatre/movie anyone can be part of. I am looking forward to see what part you are playing in pimperpuppets.

d-0o-b d-^.^-b d-o0-b



d-oo-b’s official recording






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