today i felt like making a pipette (thing:64977) for experiments with acetone gluing.

It works pretty good. It helps me to apply the acetone in small drops with ease

so i glued the head:






For small faces i use acetone to make it fit i just rub till bot sides melt together and then i glue with my uhu. best results like this and it sticks fast. large faces i can use acetone only works fine. i might get more experienced with acetone gluing i am happy to made my first attempts.


slowing down

the sevo mount does not stick i must glue again.

but i disassembled the shoulder and optimized the sanding of the gear. hopeing the servos is able now to lift the arm. but there is no improvment. i have no clue what is happening. gael use the same motors and his can lift a 200g at least and mine is not even able to lift its arm. my arm is 1600 g with all the servos atm. (PivMitV1 onwards) i might go for the counterweight again.

20130404_110150 20130404_122340

new servo mount for fingers

today i replaced the servo mount. one servo is not working i will have to disassamble again. now i wait till the epoxy is dry



yes the bugger is the one in the middle front as usual the one hardest to get out hahha i will do this tomorrow the 2 servos on the back dont glue well yet so i glued it again

right arm

i put the elbow servo in its case



the wires go each on the side as shown in foto


i glued the elbow like this again with uhu glue epoxi would be cheaper but the uhu is more convenient for me at the moment and it glues better than my printer.


then i attached the finger servos but did not glue yet (edit gael made a new solution for this: http://inmoov.blogspot.ch/2013/03/simpler-servo-bed.html i will replace all)

20130318_203359 20130318_214217

then i build the wrist.

first i  glue the filament holders to the servo.



I assemble the hand



then i bring all the strings from the hand to the arm



then i connect to arduino and make the servos move. Now i make a break 2 reasons:

my printer need repair and i cannot get parts on easterweekend.

gael made new parts for the arm and i think they are a lot more convenient so  i will rebuild once my printer is ready to print again.



the arm to to heavy it looks like it was a bad idea to buy the heavy duty motors for the fingers.

i try now a solution with a counter weight and develop new parts:




i will add these parts and fill the sphere with sand and add 6 screw threads. That is the plan 🙂

i am printing now the parts.

right elbow

i did not do much today.

20130316_173826 20130316_173838


i sanded down the worm to make it run smooth and insert the brass stick to make it more stable.

the arm is mounted with a knitting needle for now