Settings / Printing 001

i decided to print all parts in white ABS and color them later if needed with air brush

the whole robot will take so much  time to print so i try to speed it up a bit

stable settings

infill 15%

full support

speed 80 80

temp 230

layer high 0.1

filmanent 1.75


As first step i print 001

i found out that the whole 001 as i planned it takes 15h to print thats to much so i decided to split it in 2 jobs


settings for 001

i will try for a start these settings  to make it faster printing

infill 15%

full support (edit 03/05/13: 001 must be printed without raft it took me 2h to clean it inside)

speed 120 120

temp 240

layer high 0.15

filmanent 1.75

estimated time 4:47


I use a bendable knitting needle to remove the raft inside the part.

basically a stable wire coated with plastic.



i mounted a cam to debug print errors.