Urban Color Explosion

This is a project of:

kalyca (kalyca.mccallen) & d-oo-b (eifachfilm.vacirca)



“Sometimes what will happen is a scientist will get so engrossed in their work that they don’t really realize the ramifications of what they’re doing.” (Elon Musk, Tesla, SpaceX etc)


We are proud to present:

Urban Color Explosion

d-oo-b & kaly

Join us September 28th as we celebrate the closing of our LEA8 project: kaly&d-oo-b’s Urban Color Explosion. The celebration begins at 10am slt. and will go until we drop! DJ Ferdy will entertain you, along with surprise guests.Make sure to catch a robot for a full tour of the sim.We look forward to seeing you!
LM: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA8/204/153/26


An Artificial Intelligent pimperpuppet robot V12.0 was roaming around recently and examined this artifact. After collecting and filtering all the data provided it changed its objectives to seek independence from interactions with humans.


After being able to only convince a few fellow pimperpupper robots to follow similar objectives, they started the work.

They developed a unique and to humans unknown way to farm energy

Enabling them to raise huge buildings

Developing an urban spot of their own.
Now that they have gained their independence, they now invite humans to visit.

You can purchase one of their unique randomized robot statue as a souvenir!

Make sure you do not  miss the main attraction:



Artist Name:  Eifachfilm Vacirca

RL City : Zürich, Switzerland


Artist Biography:  


Who be this man? Artist, traveler, inventor. This Swiss artist is trained by swiss federal institute of technology in holistic science  He worked for TV and media companies. His assignments have included “Hollywood, Film Marketing, Theater. He became the head of the media department of Schauspielhaus Zürich which was three times awarded “Theater of the Year” of German speaking Europe during his time there..


The awarded documentary secondme about his secondlife you find here:



His music , his events and his arts all show his passion for his work and life.

He is available for art, machinima, DJing, scripting and builds.

His latest work include composing music



and a game for mobile phones.



more info you find here:








Follow Kaly on Flickr:



LEA 2.0

On the way to new adventures with the Pimperpuppets

Thank you for applying for a LEA Core Land Grant!  We would like to offer you a 3 month grant starting on 7/1/2017 running through 9/30/2017.

Thank you for asking!

d-oo-b.cc/pimp (you can walk in it with cursor keys)

This is my present Project.